Gettin’ My Sleuth On . . .

I’m no Nancy Drew, but what the heck?  I sent this e-mail today.
nancy drew
To: Public Library
From: Laureen Pittman
Date: January 26, 2014
My name is Laureen Pittman and I live in Riverside, CA.  I am doing some genealogy research and will be traveling to the library next week to do research and track down some information.  One piece of information I am looking for involves an incident that happened in 1963 (probably sometime in September).  The incident was an arrest (drug related charges) possibly at the junior college.  One of the arrestees was Margaret Michaels. I believe she was arrested with another individual—a male.  Margaret would have been 18 at the time of her arrest and the male individual would have been 20. Margaret was the step-daughter of a fairly well-known local tv news editor, broadcaster or anchor, Joseph Michaels.  Margaret was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug related charges.  But what I am looking for is the identity of the male that was arrested with Margaret. 
Am I correct in assuming that the Community News-Press was in existence at that time?  Would they have published or reported on local arrests, or would there be an “arrest log” that I could review in the newspaper from that time?  I’m hoping that the newspapers from 1963 might be archived on microfilm?  Would I be able to access the newspaper archives from September 1963 if I make a personal visit to the library?  Which branch should I visit?  Do I need to make an appointment to have these old archives located/pulled for review?
Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.  I can be reached at the e-mail address shown above, or on my cell phone at XXX-XXX-0515.
Laureen Pittman

8 thoughts on “Gettin’ My Sleuth On . . .

  1. I have just sat down with a big mug of coffee and finally gotten caught up on your blog posts. Fascinating Laureen. I mean it really reads like a mystery. I know from my husband’s own story how emotional this journey can be. Fortunately, his birth mother was much more cooperative than yours. I hope you are able to pull all the ends together soon. I’ll be reading.

  2. God bless you . Seems 1963 was a year of lies. I am the fifth child of my bio mother. She refuses contAct according to social services who hold my records captive. I’ve spent thousands trying to get my background Catholic Church put me up for adoption from an orphanage in mn. While I was in the orphanage I was pumped full of a drug to keep my primal wound screams from waking other orphaned children.after 4 months I was placed with an evil woman trying to complete her ready made family because God had not given her babies of her own. At the age of 50 my primal wound hurts worse then all the beatings sexual abuse etc. I’ve indured all my life. My prayers go out to you in your search. Thanks much for your blogs.

    • Thank you for reading. It makes me sad to read about the people who have been touched by adoption and cannot heal. I hope you can find peace and that you have loved ones who understand and support you in your life and journey. ❤

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