My [Non-Identifying] Story

I think Bill Witt went way above and beyond the call of duty in providing the following information to me.  I am grateful that somehow I found him when I did.  I am curious to know about other adoptees (in California or across the country) who have been provided their “non-identifying” information.  Did you receive a story?  Did you receive vivid detail about skin tone, personality, quirks, family members?  Or did you receive some sort of factual outline or listing of non-identifying data? Thank you, Bill Witt, for putting together my story.

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Good read, right? The information in my non-identifying story provided many more pieces to the puzzle that I was putting together. And there was someone else on the job, as well. In addition to contacting the County Social Services after I got home, I had also contacted the private investigator. She had also begun her search.

12 thoughts on “My [Non-Identifying] Story

  1. The information given to you by this social worker is like manna falling from the sky when you are so hungry for information and have been living on nothing for years. I am truly so happy for you that you are discovering your history, your family, your birth knowledge — fascinating story, right out of a great drama book. Thank you once again, for sharing. Your brave journey is paying off big dividends not only for you but for your son, as well.

    • Thanks, Ruta! I was amazed at the information I was given. I am curious if other adoptees have sought out their non-identifying information and would love to see what they received.

  2. What a beautiful story! Laureen I am crying. Your story is bitter and sweet and I feel so privileged that you shared it. As I was reading some of the descriptions of your biological mom, I truly saw you and how you are her daughter. Other than the drugs- so many similarities, life is such a wonderful mystery.

  3. Hi Laureen, wow I never would have known, everything was so picture perfect in my eyes, your story heartbreaking and yet heartwarming.

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